1. Colour Chart
   Please see the colour chart from here:
   Sorry names of the colours are in Japanese only.



   1) Description of symbols:


   2) Notes on the colour charts of Enamel 2 and Enamel 3:

    a. The enamel colours P and NG are fired on the base on which N-2 was fired first.
      (i.e. N-2 is first fired on the base metal, on which NG and P enamels are fired.)

    b. The base metal of the enamels marked [〇] is silver.

    c. The base metal of the enamels without mark is copper alloy (95% copper + 5% zinc).

   3) Burning temperature is 800 - 900 degrees Celsius.

   4) It is preferable to burn red transparent enamel at high temperature.

   5) Actual colours may vary slightly from the colour on your screen due to monitor restrictions.


2. Price List
   Please contact for price quotaTon with delivery charges, etc.


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